Maintaining your business 


For the years we’ve been in business, we have been striving to provide our clients the best quality service possible to gain their full satisfaction. And they’ve shown their appreciation by coming back to us repeatedly.


We want to be the car maintenance and repair facility for all your Classic vehicle needs.

Grant 7 AutoWorks:

Grant 7 AutoWorks, also referred to as " G7" and " The Project Shop", is more than a repair shop and body shop.  It's a PROJECT SHOP. What's a Project Shop you ask? A Project Shop has the ability to tackle many different tasks pertaining to the restoration or preservation of your vehicle. From minor repairs to electrical issues to bodywork and paint to complete assembly, we offer the service your car needs. What we do is help you breathe new life into your stalled projects. We help get that project car of yours out of your garage and on the road. We tackle those old project vehicles that you just can't seem to find time for anymore. The old car that hasn't run in years. The old family "heirloom" that has been sitting in the barn rotting away. The " Dream Car" project that you bought and collected parts for hoping that one day you will finally find the time to put it together, but never did. Now you can. That's why we're here. We tackle everything from the small tasks that you don't want to do, all the way to complete assembly. The best part is we charge by the job NOT by the hour. We work with all budgets. There are a lot of shops out there that focus on 6 figure builds, but not this one. I'm here to help the average working person reach an obtainable dream. Contact me and let's see if I can help you achieve yours. 

About the name

The reason this website is called is because G7 is focused more on older vehicles. Do we work on newer vehicles? YES, but we are about the preservation and appreciation of Classic cars and trucks and what they represent.  Modern cars are a means of transportation, but Classic cars transport us to our "HAPPY PLACE". They remind us of fond memories of our childhood, first dates, road trips, first cars and more. What we're hoping to achieve through G7 is to do our small part to keep as many of these older cars on the road as possible. So many of these great vehicles are lost every year to rust, scrap yards, "Cash for Clunker" type programs and unfortunately to rotting out in many backyards, barns, garages and fields. Throughout my many years in the used parts business, I have sacrificed many classic cars in order to keep many more on the road. But through G7, I will give a second chance to those vehicles that deserve to be driven and not destroyed. 

Grant 7 AutoWorks is the difference between you being a classic car owner and you being a classic car driverur paragraph here.